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Pastor's Blog

pet peeve day

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I meet countless numbers of people day in and day out. Many claim to be a christian and think they are going to heaven. But their actions kinda leave me bewildered.

Can you be a Christian and NOT attend church?   Tell how this works, Jesus died for the church, its HIS bride, how can you claim to be a christian and NOT want to worship God in HIS house?  The Bible says " Forsake not the gathering"  which means Come to my house and work together to do my will.  God looks at you as a theif if you dont tithe, How can you be a christian and steal from GOD? I believe it all come down to a matter of the heart, IF you love JESUS you will do as he commands...... HE died for the church....

How can you be a christian and support abortion?  Ive met so many who say yes im a christian but i support a womans right to abort.... GOD says its murder, how can we call ourselves a christian and support things that God hates? If we love GOD we will obey His commands and try to show others his ways as well, not condone their sinful behavior....


How can you be a christian and support gay rights? heres another example of the above, we know God hates sexual immorality. He destroyed a whole city and all the people in it so their sexual sins, BUT some people claim to be a saved christian and support that behavior...I had one christian  person tell me last week , that they ( the gays) are born that way and they dont have a choice....

Folks, America is going down the tubes. Our moral compass has been smashed, our pastors are afraid to preach the truth and speak out against these things for fear of offending their members and losing them....Someone somewhere has got to stand up for GOD and say enough...its time we take back this country and dedicated it back to GOD. Stand on the princables that it was formed on.

We need to say NO to homosexuality, NO to gay marriage, NO to the killing of unborn babies that God made,

and stop talking religeous and start acting like we love the God who sent His son to die for you.....



culture of connection

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we as human are desperate to be connected with other people. We hate to be alone, and will adapt and change our persona to be involved with someone or some group.

Allot of the outlaw biker gang members are people who didnt feel like they connected anywhere so they all formed a group and connected together. all dysfunctions coming together to form 1 gang.

But our churches need to find a way to connect to ALL whom desire a relationship with Christ and HIS bride( the body of belivers). But we are all to often offended when certian types of people walk in the doors of a church.  Are we accepting of any color person in our groups?  what if an outlaw biker walked in?  what about a stinky smelly homeless man?   would we be accepting and try to make a connection with them and build a relationship with them?



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Jesus calls us blessed to be in spiritual poverty….WHY? 

I believe because it cracks our hard shell of denial and shows our need for Jesus. 

BUT  most of the hurting people who need Gods Grace and HOPE wouldn’t be welcomed in many churches today…

We must not force these hurting people into a denial state where they try to hide it from the church community as did years ago with alcoholic. 

They NEED God and they need the christian community BEFORE they will get healing. 

Many come looking for healing their hurts and brokenness only to hear that they need to say a sinners prayer, baptism and all their troubles will disappear…. When life doesn’t work out that way they leave the church more Broken then when they came in….

The church today needs to be open and accepting of ANYONE who walks in our doors regardless of race,sexual oreintation , financial status etc.

The we must Give them HOPE for a better tommorrow, Speak to them in HUMILITY and TRUTH about their lifestyles, Then offer them the chance to have Jesus heal them...

This is the premise behind everything we do at OAA.



culture of connection

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How many front doors does your church have?   When i ask that to most people their mind goes to a visual picture of their building, and will answer 2, 4 etc.

But what im really asking is " How many different avenues are their to your church"  . The days of building a church building and just expecting people to come are over. Sadly today more churches are in decline and failing  then churches that are growing.  Churches are closing their doors and going bankrupt, why?

One reason is the front doors arnt big enough and the rear doors are to wide.

That translates : we need to build ways for people to come into our churches and feel welcomed. Thats why we started a Motorcycle club , we give bikers an avenue to come into church and be accepted and connected.  Thats a reason why we have a coffee bar, and in fact everything we do at OAA.

We have 2 doors into our physical building, but we really have 5 entry points to connect with people. After all its about realationships isnt it?


just a thought

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i was reading a book yestarday at the beach about healthy churches. And it starts with the premise that a Chrisitan who is NOT a member and regularly attending church out to be scared of going to HELL.

At first i was skeptical reading but as it went it made alot of sense. Ill start by asking this question

Did Jesus die for the individual sinner or for His bride the CHURCH.? 

the church is more than a building that meets in once a week or even twice, the church is the local body of belivers who gather together....worship together and do life together.

when we come to Church God commanded us to Bring our tithes and offering to the LOCAL storehouse so that MY house will be full.   "MY" that means its HIS HOUSE...JESUS House...

How can we be a so called christian, and NOT want to go to HIS house.... and scripture says if we dont tithe we are stealing from God.....

So we refuse to go to church because...

cant find the right one....all hypocrites,  im to tired, to busy.. etc etc what do you think GOD thinks



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