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Pastor's Blog

maryann and the proffessor

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This sunday i finished up preaching on gilligans Island. It was a unique look at the 7 charecters and how they related with the 7 deadly sins.

the 7 deadly sins are considered that because they can kill our relationship with god. Take this weeks look at the proffessor. the proff. was a man filled with pride, he would talk circles around everyone and use his knowledge as a weapon against the others on the island.

Pride is a very very scarry thing. Its what brought down the titanic. The captians PRIDE made him shove the throttles full and ignore the warnings of icebergs and it ended up killing thounsands. 

Pride was what got lucifer thrown out of heaven. He was the most powerfull beutiful angel and he thought he was above GOD. HIS arrogant pride got him thown into hell forever.

Hows your pride?




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Have you ever gotten into the middle of a project and just said i cant do this anymore and just wanted to quit?

being a pastor is a tough job, every person in the church expects you to be "something" and there is no possable way that you can please every single one of them. BUT being a church planter is a little tougher.

A church planter (me) gets a vision from GOD of what this new church should look like, and the direction its going to head. You start out with 2 people( you & your wife) and you being to show this vision to others. You pray that as you go , these people see the vision and want to get on board and help you with it. But sometimes there just "vision stealers" , they want to steal your vision and replace it with theirs.

Ive wanted to quit and give up many times, ive cried out to GOD and begged him to relase me from this and allow me to quit. Like moses and many other greats in the BIBLE who have struggled to do do as God asks of them.  But here is my thoughts today

1) quitters never win, and winners never quit

2) ACTS 20:24  I consider my life nothing IF  i may finish the race

3) 1 cor. 9:24 Run your race to win the prize.

I know i am not alone , are you running your race or have you begun to wain , and started jogging, maybe even slowed to a walk. Heck maybe youve totaly given up and have grabbed a lounge chair and are sitting on the side watching others run by....join me in getting up out of the chair and beginging to sprint toward the finish line...


dangerous transformations

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this week ive talked about dangerous transformations, how we the church need to be transformed from a safe zone to a dangerous church.

Then we need to transform ordinary uneducated people in extraordinary dangerous people for christ.

yestarday was we need to transform ourselves from Takers to givers,

Today we need to transfrom from the living to the dead....... ???? Huh whatda ya mean preacher.....

Jesus talks all thru the new testament about us dying to self daily picking up our cross and following Christ.That We must put our will on the back burner and give control of our lives to Him.....We MUST die to self die to our wants , die to our desires, die to self will and LIVE HIS Will, live HIS mission, LIVE HIS desires....

Gal.2 20 says i have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live BUT Christ living in me....



just a thought

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Im in the middle of a series im preaching called " Gilligans Island" and it lines out the relationship between the cast of charecters on gilligans island and the 7 deadly sins....

And i started reading a book last night called Transformational church. It is a neat book on how the power of Jesus Christ should transform our lives.  These 2 events have got me where im at thought wise today...

IF we claim to be saved and going to heaven , shouldnt our lives be TRANSOFRMED, and changed. Shouldnt the things we do and the deadly sins we play be in our past life?

Why are our churches in America stagnant and not growing?  why do we suffer the problems we do in our communities.?  I read the stats from last years baptist reports and from them there are almost 20,000 people in our local churches, and there are 20,000 people in our county.

IF this is the case

 why do we have the highest teen pregnancy rates ?

Why do we have the highest drug rates?

Why do we have so many children in state custody?

Why do we have so many kids falling thru the crakcs?

Why is the poverty levels so high?

IF ALL of monroe county is churched WHY ARNT THERE LIVES TRANSFORMED?  could it be that so many who think there saved arnt really?  they just mumbled a prayer and thought they got fire insurance but are still lost sinners doomed for hell and no one has the guts to tell them?

A saved life , is a life laid down and given to God..it is a life that is TRANSFORMED...ChANGED



dangerous church part 4

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last sunday i preached on Being a dangerous church... a dangerous church first transforms Ordinary to extraordinary...

Today...a dangerous church transforms Consumers into Contributors..... Acts 2;44-45

The church today is full of spiritual consumers, we come in look to be filled with a special feeling etc then leave until the following week,  We need to be transformed into SPiritual CONTRIBUTORS.....

In Acts 2 the "church" all belivers came together sold their goods and gave to all in need. They CONTRIBUTED to the needs of the church. were lucky today if we can get 10% of the church to tithe( 10%) of their income.

What we Christians lose sight of the church isnt here for US...The church is really here for the lost , those who need to come in and consume. But to often we judge the lost consumers who come because their clothing isnt right , their not like us, there imperfect.  All the while the seat we christians are sitting in is paid for by someone else.

What about serving?   When u got saved God gave you a very special gift to help the body, are you contributing by using it?    others must step up and serve beyond there requirement because some of us refuse to contribute, refuse to give back......We refuse to get an accountability partner and therefore cause others to stumble...... We answer to no one and are not involved in any genuine deep biblical community and we definitly dont give back because we are to busy consuming....



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