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How does Gay Marriage Ruling change OAA WORSHIP

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Your Facebook and twitter pages are blowing up. Some are saying you are a

Hateful minority if you darted to disagree  with the ruling( forgetting that it was a close 5-4 decision) Others are saying that Jesus must be getting ready to return as if He was waiting on the last few states to legalize gay marriage before blowing the trumpets and closing the world down.

Both are simply ridiculous

Why?  Because honestly ,this ruling changes very little for how we as a church carry out the work of our church. These are the things that do not change as a result of Today's rulings.

1. Jesus defined Marriage;I do not get to define it ,and no government gets to define iota . We didn't have to like it or evenb fully understand it , But if you follow Christ you must wrestle with His definition  and what it means. Matthew 19:4-5. " Haven't you read the scripture? Jesus replied, They recorded from the beginning  God made male and female  and He said  This explains  why a man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife.and the 2 shall become one.

2. Jesus also said that what's most important is LOVE.

When asked what was the most important commandment Jesus answered Love . M

More important than defending marriage  or your personal viewpoint. Yep, your job as a Christian and a member of OAA Worship is to love those who follow christ and those who don't follow Christ or His teachings. Its the Holy Spirits job to convict people of sin ,not ours.

3. Gay people are still welcomed at OAA Worship. GASP.  WHAT ?

But you said Jesus defined marriage as a man and a woman !!! Jesus said we should lift up His name and HE would draw in ALL people  to himself , Gays  and pre-marital sex  living together alike ALL .  SO, if we at OAA Worship continue to lift high Jesus name HE will draw all people . My personal belief is that as people follow Jesus , their hearts will change . So there is nothing id like more than ALL sinners  come to  OAA and seek to know the Lord with all their heart soul and mind and allow the Holy Spirit to do his work in all of us.

4. This is not the most important issue facing us There are thousands of people in Monroe County who do not knopw Jesus, That's the sole reason OAA Worship exists While we striove to live in a way that Jesus taught us  to believe , we MUST NOT get distracted  from His  commission to   GO into all the world and make disciples.

5. There will never be consensus on this issue in the church. There are people who love Jesus deeply and wrestle with this issue in their family, in thioer lives and even in the church. With that comes many different viewpoints., ideas , beliefs. We must pray that God leads us to His desires, not our own and offer GRACE  to each other in the process.

OAA Worship.     Sunday at 11am. GOD loves you so much and so do we.


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