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Physical VS Spiritual

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The Bible makes a lot of anlogies between The flesh and the spirit....the physical and the spiritual.

Jesus in John chapter 3 with niccodemous  when asked what must i do to inherit the kingdom, JESUS answers ...YOU CAN NOT SEE, the Kingdom unless you been "BORN AGAIN" .    When you are BORN as an infant , you must rely on your mother to make the formula and bottle feed you, as you grow you  begin to be fed the gerbers baby mush....and soon  that lil baby is feeding itself...growing into eating regular food .

The same happens SPIRITUALY, YOU MUST BE BORN....become a new creation, when you do you must be fed with a bottle  and then  as you grow the gerbers of the Bible and eventually raise your own spiritual family by BIRTHING spiritual children.

1 corinthians 13:11  When i was a child , i spoke as a child ,understood as a child  and thought as a child BUT when i became a man, i put away childish things...

The world is full of adult children, both physically and spiritually.  We must change the food we are feeding  we must take some to the Dr. and ask why is this child not an adult?   If your 20 year old is still crwaling on the floor and not walking talking like an adult youd want to know why.....whats wrong with my kid?? you would fight with every dr for answers.....

WHY do we not do the same thing spiritually?   If John 3 is correct and we must be born again and we must put away childish things and we must make spiritual familys   ?  the spiritual familys have become dysfunctional......

Its time for a 1 cor. 13  moment....lets grow....


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