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OAA has recieved alot of publicity over the last few weeks with our newest ministry 2 fish.   2 fish was initiated by a few people sitting in my office one day dreaming of ways to IMPACT our community.

Since that day in 2 seperate give away days oaa has purchased 2 truck loads of food valued at over $54,000 and given it all away to serve others.

I have been asked the same question over and over again and i have decided to share with the world my answer. ( some may not like my answer but  im not here to please everyone just JESUS).

Jesus mission was very simple....FOLLOW ME, and I will make you fishers of men.

Not many professing christinas today are fishers of men. OH they may invite people to come to church, but let me ask you how many of you fisherman go out in your backyard and INVITE fish into your house???

OHHH NO, you invest thousands of dollars in the right fishing boat ( big money)  then you spend thousands of dollars on a truck to tow your boat( big big money) they you go to BASS PRO shop and spend obsecene amounts on the latest greatest jigs, worms , sprays  ...then you dont put the boat in the water and INVITE the fish to jump in the boat do you?   NOOOOO you cast and play with your rod to trick them into liking the lure your using and if the lure dont work you change lures.....

HOW come when it comes to church yall think sitting in the church for 45 min griping the preacher preached 15 to long is fishing for men?   Then you wanna gripe that you have to be forced to put $10 bucks in the plate( GOD forbid ya give god his whole 10%)  HOW much was that boat & trailer????

OH then ya gottra go spend time and invest YOUR TIME   ( yup tithe your time and SERVE ) unchurched people....you cant win people to JESUS if ya dont know or hang with them.....DO you give 10% of your time to JESUS??


Does the church of AMERICA today look like the church of JESUS in 33ad?

THIS is what makes OAA do the things we do...started in Feb of 2008 OAA was founded on the premise of WE ARE HERE TO SERVE....its not about us coming to church to be fat n lazy christians it has been and will always be about US becoming fishers of people and doing whatever it takes to help others....thats why we started Celebrate Recovery, to help addicts and those with hurts to be healed....

thats why we started full throttle warriors- to show them they can be themselevs and have a place to fit in and worship jesus...

2fish- to feed the community around us and let them know jesus loves them.....SERVE   isnt that what jesus did???  WHAT would happen in america if ewvery church  got detoxed off religeon and became fishers of men...throw out the programs...and become a movement of people who devoted their time and money to JESUS  kinda like the 1st church in ACTS?    wow what a dream.....



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