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The Wolf inside of me

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I was in a training confrence this week and the anology was made about a wolf and it so described me that i had to share it....

A wolf is fed nothing but grain from the time of birth , would have wolves teeth, but it would more resemble a docile domesticated dog. It would be very passive , non aggressive  obediant dog.

BUT, Once that wolf has tasted the blood soaked meat it no longer resembles a dog, but that taste of blood, turns it into a feroucious, muscle packed aggressive, fighting  machine....

Alot of anlogies are in the bible about wolves vs sheep but here is a different twist.....Are you a grain fed christian, do you sit passivily in church every week, throw a few dollars in the plate sing a song or two and thats it.....

OR   Have you tasted the bloody red meat of leading someone to JESUS and you no longer are capable of accepting plain ole ordinary church anymore and you are desiring and dreaming about more meat....more christians makeing more disciples, it becomes your passion your fuel, your muscles buldging  as you hunt the lost and hurting?

I am personally a blood thirsty hungry wolf....and i am about to set out on a course to develop other blood thirsty devoring wolves who will run in a pack  and feed on lost & hurting people and thrivce on seeing disciples make disciples.

WHOSE with me?



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