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Ministry IDOLS

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I have not blogged in a very long time but the past few days God has been all over me on a lot of things and i just feel impressed to share this whith you today....Someone NEEDS to hear this.....

WHAT IS YOUR IDOL TODAY?      Ther bible says anything we put before GOD is an idol,  IS it Your motorcycle ministry ( ours was)   is it singing in the choir ( it can be )  yes church can be come an idol if  we put that THING before GOD.  It becomes and IDOL that we worship more than GOD....

Full Throttle warriors our biker "CLUB" became that a club, the patch was worshipped more than jesus, the leadership was worshipeped more than jesus   and therefore FTW became an idol...

Enter one lil weak man named GIDEON in Judges 6 :25   GOFD tells him make an alter kill your daddys bull and CUT DOWN THAT ASherah pole. The pole was used in worship  & for pole dancers alike.....GOD said CUT IT DOWN...get rid of it    you can not worship me and that pole...

HE said to us ( FTW)  CUT DOWN THAT PATCH...you can not worship that patch and me at the same time...beccause if that patch gets elevated abouve jesus it becomes all about you and you become GOD....

SO we did , I personally that afternoon sat down and cut my patch off and it will never ever get back on....

WHAT in your life today is an idol?

IS it YOUR ministry inside a church?     IS it your being a teacher in the church?    Is you being center stage showing off whatever ministry you think you HAVE to do?


Let me share what has happened since we cut our pole down....

18 people have been saved in the last month

GOD has exploded the growth at our church by 20% in one month

God has given me the opportunity to share the gospel with 5 different TV interviews ( pointing to jesus not me)

And this is the begioning, when we worship- GOD and not the ministry HE SHOWS UP and BLESSES




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