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Just for the record

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So word on the street is "preacher morgan " is a liberal.....He welcomes jeans and flip flops, he plays upbeat contemporary music, he hangs with them motorcycle people....(  hmmm starting to sound like the people who bashed Jesus huh)  He preaches tithing even when ya poor and cant afford it( the old woman and the mite).....the list goes on

So   JUST to set the record perfectly clear for ALL YALL....yuns......

I am a Religeous LIBERAL ( yup i said it) when it comes to things that dont really matter....I dont think Jesus cares if you come to church in jeans and a tshirt ( as long as your covered) ...I dont think JESUS cares cares what instruments are played and what the tempo of the music is, AS LONG AS IT HONORS and WORSHIPS HIM..I dont think GOD cares that we have a FREE coffee bar in the church......

NOW ...I THE MOST RELIGEOUS  CONSERVATIVE  when it comes to the BIBLE....IF GOD said it i belive it and thats it....Many in East TN have NOT been taught BIBLICAL truth, and when they are faced with it, they dont like it.....WE dont  wanna hear GOD wants 10% of your paycheck....we dont wanna hear smoking ( which is killing your temple) isnt right....Drunkeness, watching vile stuff on tv or at the movies.....WE dont want to change......When the whole bible is actually talking about BECOMING a NEW CREATURE.....OLD things have passed away and ALL things become new.......

We dont wanna hear we have to change we wanna just like the god of LOVE not the god of discipline.....

So for the record...I keep the main thing the main thing and stuff that dont matter i dont mind.....I think JESUS would rather have us HIS kids ferevently seeking the lost and unchurched than belittling HIS kids.....

Done ...have a blessed day....



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