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4 miles with Jesus

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im not really sure where to start this today....But i know i must write this.

I starfted OAA Worship center 4 plus years ago with my wife, with a vision to change Monroe County. We have met opposition at every step of the way , much of it from people who call themselves Christians, many whom are pastors, and leaders in other churches.  Opposition , not because we were doing something wrong, opposition because we were different.( its still GODS church not mine).....

GOD Almighty Himself has given me a clear vision of who we are as a church, and what direction to go with HIS church.Last year Sept 2011 i was given the opportunity to speak to a crowd of 5,000 plus atr world fair park commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9-11....I was awe struck at the opportunity ,and so humbled that little ole me, a pastor of a small church ( 35 at the time) would be asked to speak and pray at this event. At the conclusion of that event GOD spoke again on my ride home and said" Stay close to me and i will show you Authority in a larger scale"....

In the past few weeks i preached a sermon series " I dopuble dog dare YOU to change" ....it has taken root in me and i cant shake it...Its a story of GIDEON who was found hiding in a cave afraid to take a stand for GOD...( to many CHREISTIANS today are hiding in cave afraid to take a stand for GOD)....I vowed then and there to Step up my game and stand on the highest soap boix GOD would give me , and tear down monroe Counties  Idols and win this county for GOD.

Since then , my House AC system has shut down....my cars ac and trucks ac have quit working....my washer/dryer have ceased to work.......my refridgerator died.....and yestarday.....MY friend, who never asked anything of me but love, my friend who always sat and listened to me rant and rave with out even a wimpher....he just loved me for me unconditionally was taken from me.....( ill miss you chucky, u were mans best friend)

Today i got up and went for a walk( normally 2 miles) and me and jesus had a loooong heart to heart

Mile 1---Lord you promise to take care o=f all our needs according to your riches in Glory, I dont think your riches are like this......YOU Promised lord.....

Miles 2-Lord what am i doing wrong?  What sin do i have in my life  that i havent asked forgiveness...Your promises come with my obedience, lord i ve been obediant

Mile 3- God speaks--Morgan, like gideon you are following me, and following me comes at a cost...You put up a billboard daring Monroe county to change...Satan is mad and coming after you.....3 of your children have almost died ( i rescued all 3) Are yoiu with me or are you gonna give up.....

Mile 4- thank you Lord, ...to satan....you have wrecked havoc on my finances since day 1, you have tried to kill my children, you have taken my best friend......BUT KNow this you vile viper, i will overcome and their is nothing NOTHING that you can do to stop JESUS from chganging MONROE COUTNY...i will fight you untilo my last stinking breath is ripped from my body, i will stand at the gates of hell and rip every sole from your grasp that i can, i will raise others to stand with me ...your reign in EAST tN is coming to a close...Gloves are off ...GAME ON BIG BOY and my jesus wins.......Then exhausted i collapsed in the parking lot for 5 minutes to recover....

As i sit in my office now, i have no idea what will transpire or how god will fix all this....I have not taken a salary from OAA in 4 years, and GOD has always provided and im sure i will continue....today OAA is a church of 100 and GOD is blessing this little church, who is coming out of a cave....45 people saved this year and many lives have been changed and impacted,....I WILL NOT STOP>>>>>>>


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