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the state of the modern day church

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I was recently handed a note from a friend, It was given to him by an aquaintence of his who knew that HE was friends with me. The note read " in Revelations there are 7 churches being described, which do you feel best represent us today".

WOW , i will be honest i never gave it a thought, See i am what a call a realist preacher, I preach and focus alot of my sermons on CHANGE. We must change our lives today to follow GODS will and be obediant. So i dont tend to focus alot on what Heaven will be like etc etc.

I opened my BIBLE and began to reread the REV. 2 the loveless church, the persecuted church, the comprimising church, the corrupt church, the dead church, Faithful church and lastly the lukewarm church.

I personally feel we could fit into a few buit the one BEST suites us today is the last one, LAODICEANS, the lukewarm church....REV 3:15 " I know your works, your neither HOt nor cold.So because you are lukewarm , neither hot nor cold I WILL VOMIT YOU OUT OF MY MOUTH...

Luke-warmness is the fact that we say we BELIEVE in JESUS, but we refuse to obey GOD. We make excuses for our sin and we are NOT HOT on fire for GOD to obey and follow his will, and we arnt cold towards GOD....

BUt what kills me, is many lukewarm people claim christianity, and think that they are ok with GOD, WHAT PART OF ' I WILL VOMIT YOU OUT OF MY MOUTH" says he is ok with you?

IF you make him sick to the point GOD PUKES you out of his mouth, i think there is a problem.

This represents the church of AMERICA today. Across all denominations there is a sense of Lukewarmness, lets not preach against gay marriage it will offend some, lets not preach agaisnt sexual immorality it will offen some, lets just preach god is love without the god is just its more palatlable...  focus on God is love will kepp our eyes and focus off GOD punishes those he loves.....lets just preach feel good and rip the pages out of the bible that we dont like to agree with......

Yuip thats the church of America today, the luke warm church who has abandoned its first love,

GOD, i pray today that you continue to give me the boldness to stay HOT for you and please never allow me to become lukewarm. Lord i do not want to be vomited out of your mouth, and may we rise up a new generation of fully devoted followers of you. May we also change the tempature setting in mornroe county, mcminn county, blount county Lord forgive us for being lukewarm and may you usher us into your presence with thanksgiving and joy...thank you daddy    AMEN


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